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Dancers / Fedorov Valentin (scenic designer)

Valentin Fedorov


  Designer Valentin Fedorov draws on a unique set of influences to create the colorful sets and puppetry of “The Crown of Russian Ballet”. He was born in Ibresi in the ChuvashRepublic, an independent republic in the Russian Federation. The region, known for its hills and lush forests, has a distinct language and culture.

   At The Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre, founded in 1898 by K.S.Stanislavsky and V.I.Nemirovitch-Danchenko, Fedorov became a prodigy of the legendary Valery Leventhal of the Bolshoi Ballet, a seminal figure of the golden age of the Bolshoi, known for his diverse and often wonderfully comical sets.

 Since 1988, he has been the art director at the Chuvashia State Theatre of Opera and Ballet. He has designed more than 40 productions including opera: “Silva” (1990), “Traviata” (1992), “Rigoletto” (1999); ballet: “Marriage of Balzaminov” (1991), “Cupper Horse Rider” (1993), “Swan Lake” (2000), “Nutcracker” (2001), “Bayadere” (2002), “Cinderella” (2003), “Sleeping Beauty” (2008);  puppet theatre: “Ruslan and Lyudmila” (1996) and dramatic theatre: “Restless Sohpia” (1998).

 In 1991, his “Blackberry Along the Fence” was the winner of the “Best Performances of Russia Festival”.

   In honor of Valentin Fedorov’s contributions to theatrical design, he was given the title “Honored Artist of Chuvashia”.
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